I have a very nice car that has been made even more amazing by the ToughGuard paint protection! 

 ToughGuard was applied to my Porsche at the beginning of September 2017 and we are reaching the middle of October 2017 and I have not had to wash my car and it still looks incredible.   I am all for convenience and I have to admit this has reduced the need to wash my car every weekend saving me a great deal of time which I can now happily spend doing the things I love.

The service and quality of workmanship that was performed on my Porsche was exceptional.  The ToughGuard Technician explained what was going to be conducted on my car, how long it would take, what the outcome should be (but the result far outweighed my expectations) and what I had to do to maintain the result (which is very little).  They were extremely helpful and their customer service was outstanding!

 I highly recommend ToughGuard to everyone, especially busy people that can’t keep up with washing their cars all the time!

 J. Moore, Newcastle, NSW

My car is always garaged so when I had to park my car under a Norfolk Pine Tree for 2 days I later noticed large smeared dried bird poo down the car door. Whilst I was watering my garden I just hosed my car and the resin blobs simply flicked off no trouble.  ToughGuard is great stuff.

E. Baker, Newcastle, NSW

N Cowan here . . . owner of PREDATOR which you ToughGuarded 6 weeks ago (18.11.17).

I just wanted to send you a short message to let you know how pleased I am with your product. As you would have seen when you saw my boat , I keep it in immaculate condition and many people are amazed when I tell them it is a 10 year old boat . .   not a new one.

The time needed to keep my boat in “as new” condition was necessary and I never really minded as PREDATOR was my expensive mid life indulgence. Since having ToughGuard applied,  I have had the boat offshore  fishing 4 times with my brother in law (who I fish with). He was somewhat sceptical when I told him about ToughGuard but even he is amazed how much our clean up and wash down time at the boat ramp has been reduced. The salt , blood and mess is simply hosed off with no need for any detergent . . . I know it sounds a bit wanky , but it used to take us 1 to 1.5 hours after each fishing trip and we had to use a truck wash and a Repco high pressure nozzle to get the same result as we now get in about 30 minutes.

I am so impressed with your ToughGuard product and will be recommending it at every opportunity.

 Thanks again. 

N.Cowan, Newcastle, NSW

I am really impressed with not only the product but the complete service offered by Grant Cox of Toughguard.
It’s refreshing to deal with a supplier who is proactive in offering solutions to deliver an improved end result for our customers.
In my opinion the future is bright for Toughguard for a number of reasons.
Firstly I think that in an increasingly busy world more and more of us seek convenience. The less cleaning and maintaining we have to do around the house the better!
Durability of product is also a key attribute in consumer considerations when it comes to improving the bathroom, kitchen or laundry.
Furthermore with the trend towards coppers, rose golds and satin metallic finishes the protection against tarnishing is critical.
Toughguard delivers real results in all these areas.

Quinn, S – Business Development Manager, Reef Mixed Metallics – WA

I own a 2006 white corolla which has not been garaged for about eight years. My paintwork was starting to fade and I noticed an advertisement for a product called ToughGuard guaranteeing that you don’t have to polish your car for five years. I decided to go ahead with the application of this product, and immediately my car looked brand new and is a lot easier to wash and remove squashed insects etc. from driving on country roads. I highly recommend this product to anyone that wants their paintwork to be protected from the environment and make washing your car a lot easier.

A. Bright, Newcastle, NSW

We would definitely recommend Toughguard car surface protection, it has made the surface of our black car look new again and is guaranteed to do so for five years. Originally we were looking at other car paint protection products but they were so expensive and not cost effective, unless we were going to keep the car forever! What made us choose Toughguard was not only the price and 5 year guarantee, but that the whole process was easy. ToughGuard Technician’s are extremely helpful, professional and did an absolutely fantastic job. They took the time to explain the product and answer all our questions. The car surface is now like a mirror and all we now need to do is give it the occasional wash and chamois. Sensational product, highly recommended!

B & G Griffin, Merewether, NSW