Tested and Certified

Certifications prove that our products have conformed to industry standards and specifications for use as a surface treatment. Each certification indicates application suitability with a specific manufacturer and category. If you are unsure as to the safety or usage standards for a purpose or product not listed on this list please contact our support team to address your use and ensure conformity.


Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS) 1526C

Download AMS Step 1 Certification

Download AMS Step 2 Certification

Boeing D6-17487 Revision R

Download Boeing Step 1 Certification

Download Boeing Step 2 Certification

British Aerospace (AIRBUS) AIMS09-00-002

Download Airbus Step 1 Certification

Download Airbus Step 2 Certification

Douglas Aircraft Company Customer Service Document (CSD) #1

Download Douglas Aircraft Step 1 Certification

Download Douglas Aircraft Step 2 Certification

Material Safety Data Sheets:

Download MSDS Step 1

Download MDSD Step 2