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  • ToughGuard® protects gel coat, metal and glass surfaces against challenging marine environmental elements. Achieve years of protection with one application of ToughGuard® – reducing maintenance and labour costs.
  •  Waxes and polishes deteriorate from heat exposure and the constant attack from marine environmental elements. They absorb grime and pollutants and wash away quickly. Vessels protected by ToughGuard® are protected for years and require less time for routine cleaning and maintenance increasing time on the water.
  • ToughGuard® repels debris buildup such as salt crystal adhesion and sea growth expediting clean-up and maintenance and providing lasting shine and protection. Bird droppings, salt and pollutants wipe away quickly and easily, minimising labour costs.


  • ToughGuard® protects against harmful environmental elements such as: rain erosion, UV damage, pollution, acid rain, bug and bird residuals, hydraulic fluids, exhaust and carbon buildup and other man made chemicals.
  • ToughGuard’s ® nano sized and cross linking molecules fill in and smooth out the painted surfaces at the microscopic level, then bonds with the paint creating a protective barrier coat between the paint and harmful environmental elements. This extremely durable barrier coat reduces attachment points for dirt and other types of contaminants from bonding to the surface.
  • ToughGuard®’s barrier protects the paint against surface degradation. Because the paint is protected against harmful environmental factors the lifetime of the paint is extended by up to 50% of the normal paint life expectancy.
  • ToughGuard® possesses natural UV inhibitors protecting the gel coated surfaces against the costly and ugly effects of oxidation, colour fade and chalking.
  • Protect your Image – By preserving the “like-new condition” of painted surfaces, ToughGuard® will help protect commercial, corporate and personal image, making a positive impact on your brand identity, customer awareness and loyalty.


  • ToughGuard® offers a 4-5 year warranty. You will not find any “small print” exceptions in our guarantee. A one-time application by a certified technician is guaranteed to ensure our customers with an impressive, long lasting and protected coating for at least 4 years.
    Test results are backed by certified, accredited, independent testing laboratories. These test results coupled with real world results and years of customer satisfaction prove not only the validity of our product, but for its superiority over competing products.
  • View our accreditation certifications and our test results – as provided by certified, accredited and independent testing laboratories


  • Other sealants, polymers, traditional waxes and polishes deteriorate from heat exposure, absorb buildup and pollutants and wash away with washing detergents. But ToughGuard® actually repels dirt and dust, making clean-up easier while providing the ultimate shine and protection.
  • Bug residue, bird droppings, salt adhesion, pollutants and road grime wash away quickly and easily, minimising labour, usage of water and chemicals.


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  • Minimise Impact

  • ToughGuard® helps to repel dirt, pollutants and other types of debris – thereby resulting in significant savings of water and a reduction of detergents for routine cleaning and maintenance, resulting in a positive impact for our environment.
  • ToughGuard® is non-hazardous and environmentally sound and safe. In fact, ToughGuard® is a water based product and has very low VOCs.
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    Reduce Carbon Emissions

  • Decreased surface friction results in reduced carbon emissions, greater fuel economy and lowering your global carbon footprint.