About ToughGuard ®

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    ToughGuard® Protects For Years

    ToughGuard® is known for protecting some of the world’s most recognisable and prized military, commercial, corporate and private aircraft, luxury yachts, recreational vehicles and automobiles. Unmatched, ToughGuard® has demonstrated a superior performance and durability unlike any other product on the market. Environmental elements break down and render all other products ineffective within months or even weeks after application. ToughGuard®’s distinct advantage and superiority comes from the exclusive proprietary formulations that are truly unique in composition — validated by consistent performance and persistent durability.

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    ToughGuard formula

    ToughGuard®'s high temperature thermal threshold is 450º F/230º C making it virtually impossible to melt off like the "competitive" products. Much more than a wax or other sealants and polymers, ToughGuard® bonds to painted and metal surfaces creating a Nano-thin barrier preventing penetration by destructive environmental elements and man-made contaminants.

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    Why Nanotechnology?

    ToughGuard® is the only protectant available in the global market that is scientifically proven to be true Nano-science technology. ToughGuard® nano-particles are so microscopically small they completely fill microscopic gaps and crevices then self-level across the surface to create an ultra-smooth surface and deep shine and protection that outlast every leading paint treatment, wax or sealant.

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    Nanoscience at Work

    The Nanoscience in Toughguard's ® polymer enables our high performance solutions to cross-link and imbed deeper and bond denser inside the microscopic cavities of the surfaces of your assets. The greatly increased number of smaller particles allows many more attachment points - which produce a protectant with much stronger durability. As these imbedded particles self-level and harden, a flatter and perfectly smooth finish is the result. Dirt and contaminant particles now have an inhibited ability to attach.

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    ToughGuard ® Surface Testing and Analysis Results

    The image on the left shows a 3D image of the microscopic roughness of painted surface that has not been coated with ToughGuard ®. This surface measured at an average of 170nm. The image on the right shows a 3D image of the difference after the application of just one coat of ToughGuard® . The surface roughness was reduced to an average of 110nm.