About Toughguard ®

ToughGuard ® surface protection products can benefit almost any surface – providing a durable, contaminant resistant finish that is long lasting and easily maintained. Our patented and proprietary formula has been tested and certified to conform to a wide variety of applications – you can trust its safety.

ToughGuard ® can be applied to any vehicle/boat/motorhome/caravan/jetski, plane or commercial transport – new or old.

To restore the original stunning, showroom shine that your asset had when it was brand new – our ToughGuard ® technicians provide a high quality, premium cut and polish. We can remove oxidation and other markings off the surface.  We then protect it with ToughGuard ®, ensuring that the recaptured, original deep shine stays that way.

ToughGuard ® products can also be used for a variety of other applications – including the protection of mixed metallics and electroplated materials eg copper ( view our copper restoration project post ) and rose gold shower fittings.

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